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Fort Myers Immigration Physical Resources and 3 Tips for Green Card Applicants

By Mitchell J. Cohen, Esquire
Last Updated: 01/15/2013

USCIS Civil Surgeons (for immigration physicals)

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Attorney Mitchell J. Cohen

When a person applies for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident status (“green card” status), the USCIS requires that the results of an immigration physical be submitted in a sealed envelope. Only designated USCIS-approved “civil surgeons” may perform the examination, and complete Form I-693 Report of Physical Examination and Vaccination Record.

Cohen’s Helpful Hint 1: When going to your immigration physical, bring your vaccination records.

The doctor will advise you of any shots you may have to take in order to “pass” the physical examination. By bringing your vaccination history, you may will be spared needless needles in your arm (or elsewhere).

Cohen’s Helpful Hint 2: The doctor will conduct a TB test on your arm. You will have to return to the doctor’s office in 2 to 3 days to see if you have a positive reaction. So, make sure you will be available for the 2nd appointment.

If you test positive, the doctor will generally conduct a chest x-ray to see if there is evidence of active tuberculosis

Cohen’s Helpful Hint 3: Do not open the sealed envelope – but ask the medical office for copies for your own records.

The USCIS requires that the immigration physical be sealed by the doctor, only to be opened by an immigration officer as part of the USCIS processing of your adjustment of status application. Ask the doctor’s office for a copy of the completed, signed, I-693 and test results for your own records before they place the originals in the sealed envelope. Some medical office staff may tell you that they cannot give you a copy, due to it being “confidential.” That is misguided and wrong. The reason for the requirement that the results be placed in a sealed envelope is to ensure that it is not tampered with prior to submission to the USCIS. You have every right to your own medical records. Having a copy of the completed form and test results prior to submitting the adjustment application is important, as on occasion the form is not properly completed. I always ask my clients to bring a copy of their “medicals” to make sure the form is not missing any key entries or signatures, as a missed entry or signature on the form can delay or seriously jeopardize your green card application.

 Fort Myers Immigration Physical

USCIS Civil Surgeon Locator (doctors approved to conduct immigration physicals)

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